August 12-14, 2017 in Savannah

Swoops are doing it again! We will be enjoying a weekend getaway and ride in beautiful downtown Savannah. The accommodations are minimal and limited. There will be no prizes, no raffle, no rally bike. Just a fun weekend with your favorite people. Basically, we're having a Summer vacation and you're invited. 

This year will follow a similar format as the first time.

let us know you're coming go to our facebook group or the MA thread. We will also set up a groupme when we get closer to the weekend.

Friday Night 
Ride leaves from Timo's house for a fast and frantic ride through alleyways and one-way streets. You will be brought to a common destination of our choosing. 
From there you can lock up your bike and explore the historic downtown nightlife. You CAN drink in the street but you must keep it in a 16 ounce plastic cup. We will be centered more or less around Congress St. Remember how to get back or follow a Swoop when they leave for the night. *Hint- its pretty much a straight shot. 

Pizza breakfast back off Congress St. Hopefully this perks you up for the ride to come. 

After breakfast and maybe a Bloody Mary, the ride will lead through a few of the more prominent locations of Historic Savannah. You'll see Forsyth Park as well as a couple other classic landmarks. 

Once we hit Victory- you're practically on your own. It is roughly 18 miles from the start of Victory to the beaches of Tybee Island. There will be one of us on a 35-40mph cruiser for those who need someone to follow. If you catch a light- stop. You can blast the entire ride and not get lost. Just keep going straight until you see ocean. Once you see the "Welcome to Tybee Island" sign- slow down and don't be a butthead. 

Plan to hit Hucapoos on the way back for cheap food and drinks. If we accidentally stay at the beach too long, we may head straight to town instead. Traffic moves fast on the way back from Tybee so it's safest during the day.

Some of us will be packing up to head home early. Some will be hanging out until that evening. Find a friend and eat some breakfast. 

Essentially none. There will be street parking available at 40th and Montgomery next to Milan Food Mart. Timo will have some room for guests but it will be first come first serve / who he wants in his house- probably check with him direct. If you're bringing a squad- check out cheap motels or air bnb. Everything is super close in Savannah. I'm sure Tim will have more input on this